We live in a golden age of information sharing. With all the negative talk around sketchy content and fake news, we can lose sight of the powerful, positive side of knowledge sharing. Have you ever considered turning your expertise into information products?

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What Are Information Products?

Any product or service you can share with someone to provide them with information on a topic is an info product. Literally anything you know about can be structured in multiple ways so that others can learn about what you already know.

Most of us already share our expertise somewhere, if not at work then at home or with friends. The cool thing about technology being so accessible is that you can take what you know and turn it into digital products such as PDFs or audio files or YouTube videos.

Put more simply, info products are conversations you have with people who ask you for help, only you’re organizing your answers and advice into any communication medium you prefer.

Why You Should Consider Making Information Products

If your goal is to share your message, product, or service with the world, then you definitely need to be getting the word out in multiple ways. I’m especially thinking of my friends who are authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs.

Here are three simple reasons to being creating your own info products:

1. To help others – Your expertise and the message you most care about is valuable. You are surrounded by people who need to understand what you know. Creating info products will allow you to teach other people what they want to know about what you already do.

2. Build community – When people begin coming together to learn from you, then you have a growing community. After a decade spent teaching others in classrooms, I can tell you how good it feels to have the opportunity to be part of a group who are learning together.

3. Monetize your message – And since you are an authority on your topic who has the ability to bring people together, guess what? Your expertise has value! People will pay for quality content, now more than ever. Whether you want to become a full-time entrepreneur, maintain a side hustle, or simply offset the costs of bringing your new community together, you can and should earn income for your time and effort.

Learn How To Make Your Own Info Products

What If You Create Information Products?

Imagine all the fun ways you could use info products. In addition to offering free content, what if you created an online course or produced an ebook or started a podcast? Yes, all of these are information products. How about creating gifts for clients or prospects? You could even create unique business cards with infographs based on your key points.

If you can think it you can create it. Other people in your industry want to see how you do what you do. Just explaining your process is a great way to produce a new info product.

And, of course, as you help others and grow your new community you will feel rewarded for leading people to answers they were seeking.

How Do You Get Started?

Connie Ragen Green has been making amazing information products for years. A teacher at heart, Connie offers many courses that help people like you and me communicate successfully online. Her course on creating info products was so helpful to me that I want to share it with others. If you’re interested in creating your own digital information products, I recommend checking out her course.

Get your message out and let your voice be heard. You have everything you need to grow your own business by sharing your knowledge and helping others.

p.s. You can also get started at no cost with Connie’s Online Blueprint. Following her simple process has been huge in helping me stay focused as a creative who loves producing content online.

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