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Hi, I’m Clay Morgan. Let me show you how to connect with others and share your message, products, and services.
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Presentation Problems.

  • Do you ever feel like you’re invisible?
  • Are you struggling to connect with your audience?
  • Did your last presentation flop?
  • Does speaking with others make you insecure?

You’re not alone. Like you, I’ve known the frustration of struggling to connect with folks who seem like a perfect match for my passion and expertise.

Whether you’re making a formal presentation or casual conversation, you can connect with others and gain influence by communicating with care. Want to learn how?

I’ve always been amazed by the way Clay Morgan connects and builds relationships wherever he goes. Even in our own friendship, what started as a cold call email about endorsing a book turned into a relationship where Clay is one of my closest friends.

Matt Mikalatos

Author of The Crescent Stone and Sky Lantern

Clear and compelling communication is hard to do and harder to teach. That’s why I’m grateful for Clay Morgan’s straightforward and practical approach to all things communications.

Blake Atwood

Editor, Author, and Ghostwriter


Powerful Messaging

Clear writing comes from clear thinking. The clearer your message is, the easier it will be for others to connect with it and you. I help people solve public presentation problems through crafting and delivering engaging messages.

Public Speaking

Are you longing to connect with others but terrified of the public speaking required to extend your reach? You can overcome fear of speaking in public and learn to present yourself and your work for professional impact.

Professional Networking

Connecting with others is the key to success. The same skills you use for public speaking are what will help you network effectively. interpersonal communication skills are the key to building meaningful relationships.

“Communicating effectively is an area in which we all lack confidence. It’s that one thing we all want to do better. Clay Morgan’s easy, affable demeanor makes him easy to learn from, and his warm, winsome accessibility belies his expert knowledge. Clay knows what effective communication looks like, and he knows how to help anyone learn to identify their unique message and share it clearly and effectively.”

JR. Forasteros

Author of Empathy for the Devil, Pastor at Catalyst Church

Gain Influence Through Communication

New Book!

What if a few simple skills could dramatically improve your life, business, and all your relationships?

You can develop the confidence and ability to engage and connect with others. Gain Influence Through Communication will help you see and hear others more clearly than ever. And when that happens, others will begin to see and hear you more clearly than ever as well.

Here’s what’s packed into this book:

  • The 5 rules of engagement for influencers
  • The single most important way you can begin communicating your way to influence today
  • Why active listening is not always good enough
  • The silent secrets to influence
  • The 5 biggest obstacles to communication and influence
  • How to overcome communication barriers
  • 3 levels of affirming others
  • The key to avoiding a communication breakdown
  • Why influential people tell stories

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