Your Custom WordPress Site Setup

Thank you for making the decision to have me set up your first – or next – WordPress site.

When you buy a domain name, it then needs to be “hosted” somewhere, which is how the world can then see everything you create there. This process can be daunting, and I am pleased to be able to help.

The site I will be setting up for you will have all of the plugins I currently use, as well as an appropriate theme. I do not do graphics, so a graphic header will not be included in this package. If you would like suggestions on where to get a header designed, I’m happy to offer a couple.

This is what I need from you…

You may choose EITHER of these methods to be eligible for your WordPress site setup:

1) Create a hosting account at This is my affiliate link for the hosting company I use and am a raving fan of. A2 Hosting offers the best hosting solution for entrepreneurial folks like us who are eager to share our messages effectively. When you sign up through that link, I will receive a commission from them, which is how I am paid for the work I will be doing for you. Their hosting packages offer great value, and you can have dozens of different sites on this one hosting account. The “Shared” hosting “Swift” plan is perfect if you are just starting out, or have fewer than fifty websites at this time.

2) If you already have hosting but would still like me to install WordPress on your site and customize it with the same plugins I use, you may send me $75 via PayPal to claymorganpa @

3) I can also build you a beautiful new website from scratch (or completely overhaul an existing one), even though I don’t advertise this service very much. Of course, if you’re here and interested in having a conversation about what I can build for you please drop me a line at the above email.

Finally, if you are looking for custom themes to give your new site a fresh look, I am a big fan of Elegant Themes and have been with them for years. They have great variety and stellar customer support. You can click this banner (also my affiliate link) to learn more.

If you have any questions, simply reply to any of my emails you’ve received from me. Not receiving the messages I send out to my community yet? Great! You can easily join us here.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to serve you. And congrats on taking the ultimate step to successful online communication!

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