Communication and Bad Days

Have you ever misspoken? Said the wrong thing at the worst time? Ever missed something obvious that everyone else but you seemed to get much sooner?

We all know what it’s like to feel dumb. No fun.

Technology can make plenty of us feel stupid. It’s frustrating, not knowing how to make the stupid little so and so do the thing that we need it to do. Why won’t it just work!

When it comes to technology, I’m somewhere in between beginner and expert. I know just enough to get frustrated when I have to start from square one on help desk calls.

“Have you tried pressing the ON button sir?”


But I’m still uneducated with fast-changing tech enough that I often need to reach out for help. Sometimes, I walk away from those encounters feeling pretty dumb. Even though no one had ever explained the right way for me to do a certain task before, I still feel at times like I should have just known, especially if the expert employed to assist me talks down or dismissively to me.

Ever been there?

Do You Communicate With Stupid People?

Yet sometimes, when we’re the ones with some particular knowledge, it’s easy to lose perspective. Maybe we’re tired of hearing the same questions over and over, or maybe we’re just having a bad day. Sometimes it’s difficult to go easy on people struggling to understand something we know all too well.

I can already here someone reacting, “But some people really ARE morons!”

Moron is just another way of saying “a stupid person.” But this particular word has some interesting synonyms. I got a chuckle when I Googled it.

Deal with enough “clueless” people in a day, and this list might really sing to you. Doesn’t that “More” button just call out? Click me. Pile on! Okay…

It’s a rich list. Can you believe some of these words are in the dictionary? Nincompoop. Dipstick. Mouth-breather. Chowderhead. SCISSORBILL. Ha!

But before you start thinking this is a tutorial on how to up your insult game, remember that feeling we get when we’re on the wrong side of this thesaurus. No one likes to be ridiculed.

The Secret to Communicating with Morons

So what are we to do when our success is predicated on communicating to nitwits, birdbrains, and flakes?

Here’s the secret to communicating with morons: We have to change the way we view others.

We have to change our self-talk and stop thinking of certain people as morons.

We have to beware the curse of knowledge and realize how far ahead we are of our audience on topics we are experts in.

Easier said than done? Probably. But what is more likely to help us accomplish our goals, communicating to others at the wrong level and with contempt, or helping them get where they’re trying to go?

The best way to communicate to anyone is to the level at which they need to receive messages. We can build reputations as rude jerks or helpful experts based on how we interact with others. Which way is more likely to produce the results you want?

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