My primary goal is to help people like you who have knowledge and experience to share your message. Here are some resources to help you take the next step.

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These are some of the people, products, and services that continue to make a difference in my business and my life as an online entrepreneur. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. I’m grateful for your support of this site in this way.

A2 Web Hosting – Step one is to create a website, and I absolutely love A2 Hosting. They have fantastic customer service. The “Shared” hosting “Swift” plan is perfect if you are just starting out or have fewer than fifty websites at this time.

Bonus! Need help setting up your website or sorting out existing domains? I will personally setup your custom WordPress site for you: http://claymorganonline.com/wordpress/

AWeber Email Marketing – If you’re communicating to an audience via email, I highly recommend AWeber, the most popular and easy to use system for staying connected to your subscribers at a fair price.

Auto Web Law – If you’re going to do business on the web you have to do so ethically and lawfully. You can get all the forms you need and more from this link.

Connie Ragen Green – Connie is a great teacher and mentor of mine. If you want to learn a ton from someone who’s forgotten more than I’ve ever known about communicating online, check out her stuff:

  • Online BlueprintCheck out what Connie is teaching her community for free.
  • Really Simple Info Products – If you want to check out a specific course, here’s a good one. I’ve gone through it too and learned how to create great information products. You have knowledge. Share it with the world!

Write A Book In A Weekend – Yup, you read that write. Donna Kozik is whip smart, a writer’s teacher. She’s helped many people achieve this amazing feat, viewing a paperback as a big business card that can ignite your success.

  • eBook in a Weekend – Yup, she’ll help you create a digital book over the course of a weekend as well.

Elegant Themes – Until I discovered Elegant Themes, I had no clue how to build a beautiful, dynamic WordPress website. I’ve been with ET for years now and highly recommend them for all their layouts, plugins, and customer support.

Listen to my most recent audio training at: http://AskClayAnything.com


I use two apps to sort through the ocean of content swirling around us. Here is the easiest way I’ve found to curate the internet:

  • Pocket – When I want to read an article or page but don’t have time just then, I save it to Pocket with one click so I can easily read it later, even if I’m offline. Nice way have some articles to read on a plane.
  • Feedly – I scour gobs of blogs in search of the best ideas, products, and services out there. Feedly has been my one-stop RSS feed reader for years.


A lot of people ask me about my home office setup, since I work form home full-time. A standing desk is a must have for me, in addition to a traditional one. I sit through the morning and stand through the afternoon. You can put together an affordable setup. I started at Ikea for a desktop and legs, then went to Amazon for the rest.

  • Adjustable Standing Desktop – This one was perfect for me, since I like to plug in my laptop up high and still have a traditional keyboard below. It all keeps my posture correct, which my body appreciates.
  • Anti Fatigue Mat – But THIS might be the real secret. Too much standing can have negative health affects just as too much sitting can. I absolutely love my anti-fatigue mat from CubeFit, who launched the product from a successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s got all kinds of topography for my feet, legs, and back to enjoy while working.

I’ll update this page regularly as I discover even more excellent resources for you to use in your journey to online entrepreneurship.

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