Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is testifying before Congress this week in response to the social media giant’s repeated infractions around personal data and advertising.

Social media is a massive part of life for many of us these days, and certainly one of the primary ways entrepreneurs communicate. Data is a two-way street. At best, it provides valuable insights into the lives of us and those we care for. On the other hand, data in the hands of unsavory characters gets dangerous in a hurry.

After reading a good article from NPR called How To Check If Your Facebook Data Was Used By Cambridge Analytica, I recorded a quick video to run through the highlights of how you can check to see if you info was captured by Cambridge Analytica and also to review how you are being targeted by online advertisers. The results may interest and surprise you.

To learn more about getting third party developers to remove your old info, check out this page from Facebook.

And since we’re talking about social media, let’s connect on Twitter. Find me @ClayMorganPA. 

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